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More dogs, litter of puppies found at illegal cannabis grow site in Santa Barbara County

Posted at 6:56 PM, Oct 04, 2018

More puppies were discovered in an illegal cannabis cultivation site in Cuyama. It’s the same place where a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputy found and adopted Bud the puppy last week.

It’s not the typical sight sheriff’s deputies expect when they arrive at an illegal marijuana grow.

“We’re expecting to find those that are managing the grows, as well as illegal narcotics, hazardous chemicals that are left behind; rarely do you expect to find animals – especially dogs,” explained Sgt. Jeff McDonald of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Wednesday afternoon, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies found a dog giving birth in a tent in the Cuyama Valley after neighbors notified them dogs had been left behind.

“We coordinated with Animal Control to transport her back to Santa Maria and while in transit, she gave birth to her 10th puppy.,” Sgt. McDonald said.

Now she’s recovering with her pups at a foster home in Santa Maria until they can get adopted.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services says it’s unusual to see dogs this friendly when captured at a grow site.

“It’s not uncommon for cultivation sites to have dogs as protection in the area whether they be from people in the area coming in or intruders, or other animals like predators coming into an area. However they’re typically not real social and outgoing and these particular dogs do seem to have a good level of socialization about them,” explained Community Outreach Coordinator, Stacy Silva.

Sheriff’s deputies say they’re happy to help those with four legs in times of need as well.

“Hopefully they’ll get adopted and bring happiness to other families,” Sgt. McDonald said.

It’s currently too soon to tell what breed of puppies these dogs are. While it will be several weeks before these puppies can get adopted, Animal Services says you can still apply to adopt them on their website.