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Pismo Beach Planning Commission discusses plans for old Alex Bar-B-Q building

Posted at 9:47 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 01:40:15-04

It could be more than a month before Pismo Beach leaders decide on the future of the old Alex Bar-B-Q building.

The Pismo Beach Planning Commission held a meeting Tuesday night to talk about the building, which was accidentally demolished last month because of a communication error.

City leaders are asking the Commission to revoke development permits, which would put the entire project on pause until the city decides what to do next. The Commission voted unanimously to continue the matter for up to six weeks, so the city can discuss plans for parking, using the original materials for historic preservation, saving the restaurant’s sign, and other logistics.

People who live in the area voiced frustration with everything that has happened.

“We don’t need another black hole along Shell Beach Road. We need projects that are moving forward and getting done, but this wasn’t done the way that everybody else is required to do it,” said one Shell Beach resident.

“I am begging you, time is of the essence on this. We have looked at this far too long. It’s our home, and we shouldn’t be looking at the rubble,” said another resident.

The project owner, Compass Health, says the company could rebuild the structure in a matter of months if it is allowed to proceed with the project.

For now, people in the area may still see some work going on at the site. Crews have an emergency permit to clean up and preserve as many materials from the original building as possible.

There were also talks Tuesday of creating some sort of memorial for the old building.