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City of Lompoc releases how many people were served at triage center

Posted at 7:15 PM, Oct 11, 2018

The Lompoc Triage Center closed on Wednesday, after providing temporary shelter for the homeless for 30 days, now the City of Lompoc is releasing how many people received service from the center.

The city said a total of 69 people were served at the triage center. Out of those people, 33 of them made positive moves to find housing or shelter after the triage center closed. These people also made positive moves to seek abuse treatment.

According to a City of Lompoc press release said an additional 14 clients left by their own choice, 14 were required to leave because of violations, two were arrested and six were checked into the center, received social services but chose not to stay.

The process of cleaning up the riverbed is now getting started.

Financial support of the riverbed cleanup is being directed through the City of Lompoc Treasury Division.