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Cal Poly ranks second in California for student voter registration

Posted at 8:09 PM, Oct 22, 2018

Cal Poly has been pushing its students to register to vote.

The university is participating in the Secretary of State’s Ballot Bowl Competition, a challenge between all the UC’s, CSU’s, community colleges and private institutions in California. The competition aims to incentivize campuses to boost civic engagement and inspire students to get involved in voter registration.

Cal Poly is currently in second place against Cal State Fullerton, who has registered around 150 more students.

“In terms of registrations just this year, we’ve newly registered, re-registered over 2,000 cal poly students. Our goal will hopefully be 2,500 by the end of today,” said Jasmin Fashami, Cal Poly Associate Student, Inc. president.

A total of around 14,000 Cal Poly students have registered to vote, according to Fashami.