Farmers’ market flash mob urges locals to vote

Posted at 4:28 AM, Nov 02, 2018

People across the Central Coast gathered together Thursday to send a musical message about the importance of voting.

Ellen Morrison organized a flash mob at Farmers’ Market in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Elected officials, political candidates, children, senior citizens and others danced to “Attention” by Charlie Puth.

Morrison put the performance together as a non-partisan way to get people involved in the midterms.

Morrison says, “It’s intentionally non-partisan, collaborative, the idea is that even if it’s hard for us to talk to each other we can stand next to each other in dance for three minutes and 31 seconds, and be an effort and step in the right direction getting people to talk again and taking out the vitriol.”

Election day is coming up on Nov. 6.