Repeal of gas tax not likely to happen

Posted at 9:03 AM, Nov 07, 2018

UPDATE – The latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s Office continue to show Prop. 6 failing with “no” votes at 55 percent.


(9:33 p.m.) – Voters are more in favor of voting no on Proposition 6 in the early ballot results, according to the results posted on the California Secretary of State election website.

The current numbers from 21.9 percent of the reporting precincts project that the 54.7 percent majority of voters are saying no to Proposition 6, compared to the minority of 45.3 percent.

If Proposition 6 is not approved, the 12-cent gas tax that was put into place last year will stay as is and continue to raise more to fix California’s aging infrastructure. Voting yes on Proposition 6 will repeal that gas tax.

Supporters who want to keep the gas tax say roads in California need the upkeep due to their desperate shape and the state hasn’t raised enough money for the transportation infrastructure in years.

Those who want to repeal the gas tax believe it is unfair to tax the poor for the roads.