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Summary of California Propositions passed, rejected

Posted at 9:15 AM, Nov 07, 2018

Many of the California propositions that were voted upon in Tuesday’s midterm elections have determined a winning majority from either the yes or no votes cast.

The decisions have been made after tallying 97.2 percent of reporting precincts from the election, according to California’s Secretary of State Election results section online.

Proposition 2, which amends the existing housing program for people with mental illness, received a 61.1 percent majority for yes and a 38.9 percent tally for no.

Proposition 4 received a yes for creating a bond to fund children’s hospital construction, with a majority of 60.6 percent compared to the no votes at 39.4 percent.

A senior property reduction under Proposition 5 was turned down with 58.1 percent voting no and 41.9 percent voting yes.

The repeal on the gas tax in Proposition 6 was rejected, with 55.3 percent voting no and 44.7 percent voting for the repeal.

The allowance for changing Daylight Saving Time in California under Proposition 7 was passed, with 59.8 percent checking yes for the switch and 40.2 percent opting to stay with the same time change.

One of the most expensive campaigns throughout California was for Proposition 8, which regulated charges for dialysis centers. The no votes took the majority with 61.6 percent, compared to the yes votes with 38.4 percent.

Proposition 10 focused on removing rent control limits, but the no votes took it with a 61.7 percent majority over a 38.3 percent minority for the yes votes.

The expansion of keeping EMTs on-call during their breaks under Proposition 11 prevailed with 59.4 percent in favor of the proposition compared to 40.6 percent voting no.

Confinement standards for farm animals will be changing under Proposition 12, which was passed with 61 percent voting yes on the state measure over the 39 percent opting not to pass it.

Results for Propositions 1 and 3 have not been determined at this time.