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Cal Poly Canoe Team shapes concrete canoe ahead of national championship

Posted at 11:27 AM, Nov 11, 2018

The Cal Poly Concrete Canoe Team is shaping its latest canoe, as the team comes off back to back wins.

They are preparing for their third-straight national championship. Part of competing is shaping their own canoe, using sand and water.

Organizers say the project combines art and engineering. To be effective, the canoe has to be light enough for speed but also find a balance with the strength to hold the team.

“Every year there are a few canoes that sink and crack during transportation,” said Mason Breipohl, project manager.

Mason said a lot of work goes into creating the canoe, but that it’s all worth it to meet the people on the team and develop the skills from the project.

Last year’s canoe weighed approximately 125 pounds and can carry four paddlers.