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Cal Poly students collecting donations for wildfire survivors

Posted at 8:32 PM, Nov 13, 2018

People across the Central Coast are stepping up to help fire victims.

ASI Student government at Cal Poly is collecting supplies for victims of the fires in both Northern and Southern California.

Students are asking for new items, including backpacks, toiletries, blankets, duffle bags, pet food, Band-Aids, and clothing.

Organizers say a lot of the Cal Poly community has been affected by the fires so they wanted to show fire victims they have support.

“Here at Cal Poly, we hope to create a home away from home for many students. We need them to know that their home here supports their home back home, and so hopefully they know that here, even though they’re far away, they can focus on school, but also know that they’re part of the effort to make things better,” said Danielle Diele, University Union Advisory Board chair. “Many members of the Cal Poly community have been affected by the fires both north and south, so it’s really our job as student government to be there for students and assist those families and those members of our community in this time.”

You can drop donations at the ASI Student Government office on the second floor of the Julian A. McPhee University Union through 3 p.m. Thursday.

Meathead Movers will be taking the supplies to donation stations in Northern and Southern California on Thursday evening.