Officials plan to rebuild TV sets that burned

Posted at 3:24 PM, Nov 16, 2018

Officials from the National Park Service say they plan to rebuild the burned-down buildings and movie sets of Southern California’s Paramount Ranch and reopen within two years.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Superintendent David Szymanski announced the plan Friday as he guided reporters through the charred foundations that once made up the ranch’s “Western Town.” Most of it burned shortly after a wildfire broke out Nov. 8.

A church built for HBO’s “Westworld” and a train depot constructed for the 1990s CBS series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” are all that remain.

The ranch began as a set for Paramount Pictures in the 1920s and was taken over by the National Park Service in 1980.

Structures that served as barns, hotels, saloons and barbershops for decades of movies and TV shows are gone.

Western Town. Photo courtesy Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

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