Counting the cost of Thanksgiving

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 19, 2018

It’s looking like a delightful part of Thanksgiving this year will be served up long before sitting down to the meal.

The average price of Thanksgiving dinner this year will be the lowest since 2010.

The American Farm Bureau estimates that cost at $48.90, a 22-cent decrease from last year.

The Farm Bureau’s Dr. John Newton says that’s because of a price drop in the menu’s most expensive item: turkey.

“Turkey supplies remain more than adequate to meet the demand of U.S. consumers right now,” he says.

Prices are so low that Consumer Reports is suggesting you stock up on frozen turkeys.

“If you have the room, the freezer room, because you can put them and store them for later, and at 39-cents a pound or whatever, that’s a really good deal,” says Tobie Stanger of Consumer Reports.

However, Stanger says it’s important to stick to buying only what’s for dinner this Thanksgiving.

“Our experts have told us that non-Thanksgiving food can be more expensive at this time of year,” she says.

Also, adding to the savings at Thanksgiving this year, gas prices are already a quarter cheaper than last month.

The national average is $2.62, according to AAA, a drop from $2.87 a month ago.

Local gas prices have also dropped, though not as much.

San Luis Obispo County’s average is $3.76, down about 17 cents. Santa Barbara County’s average is $3.67, a drop of about 20 cents.