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4th annual Gobble Wobble held at Laguna Lake Golf Course

Posted at 3:40 PM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-23 00:33:53-05

Runners came out for the fourth annual Gobble Wobble in San Luis Obispo on Thanksgiving.

The event was held at the Laguna Lake Golf Course Thursday morning, despite the recent rain.

“We’re super lucky to have it again this year. It was looking a bit iffy with the rain that we had last night. Everyone needs to be super thankful for the amount of rain we got and that we got to pull off the event today,” said Chris Woods, the Recreation Coordinator for sports and events with San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation.

Gobble Wobble
Runners and walkers take part in the annual Gobble Wobble in San Luis Obispo despite puddles from recent rain (KSBY Photo)


Participants could choose a 2.5K or 5K walk and run around the golf course.

Woods says he got the idea from similar events that were held in Colorado where he used to live.

“We always thought it was a really fun community event. It’s a low key event where everyone just gets together and enjoys themselves and gets to be thankful for the beautiful place we live,” said Woods.

Organizers say 350 people pre-registered for the event, and they estimate 100 to 150 people signed up on the day of the event.

Children cost $5 to register, adults cost $10, or a family of 4+ could pay $20 to sign up.

The funds raised from the event benefit San Luis Obispo County Food Bank. Jars were placed at the event for people to make monetary donations, and organizers say they’ll also be donating some bins with food items.

The winners of the race received turkey souvenirs.