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Grace Bible Church in Arroyo Grande hosts Christmas party for foster kids

Posted at 9:00 PM, Dec 01, 2018

Grace Bible Church community members said they did everything they could to make sure foster children in San Luis Obispo County didn’t have a normal Saturday but the best day of their life.

Kathy Curtis is a volunteer at Grace Bible Church. She is one of the people who organized the Christmas party for foster youth on Saturday.

She said there is a huge need for foster homes in the county. According to Curtis, there are about 375 foster youths in San Luis Obispo County and only about 175 foster homes.

Curtis and her husband are a foster family. They keep in contact with the Social Services Department to see what they can do to help kids.

She said through this constant communications, they decided to have a Christmas party for foster kids.

“Well you know our foster youth, they go through so much, it’s not their choice you know to be in foster care and a lot of them have gone through things we can’t even imagine so we wanted to make a day that they could absolutely have the (best time) in their life,” Curtis said.

She said this event didn’t happen overnight.

“It’s all about unity, everybody working together,” Curtis said. “It’s not about just one church, one business, one organization, we just all have to reach our hands out, hold it and just make it happen.”

At the end of the night, about 700 people showed up to the event.