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Jury trial begins for Canadian pastor accused of trying to meet a minor for sex in AG

Posted at 2:42 PM, Dec 05, 2018

A jury trial is underway in the case of a former Canadian pastor accused of trying to meet with a minor for sex on the Central Coast.

Arroyo Grande Police confirm Nathan George Rieger, 53, was arrested on August 10. The police department says Rieger is accused of arranging to meet with a minor for a sexual act and meeting with a minor for a sexual act.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office formally charged him with meeting a minor for lewd purposes.

Nathan George Rieger
Nathan George Rieger


In court documents, Rieger is accused of arranging a meeting with a person he believed to be a minor for sexual purposes. The documents say Rieger then went to the arranged meeting place.

Arroyo Grande Police say they arrested Rieger as part of a sting operation.

He pleaded not guilty in August before the preliminary hearing began, according to a court filing. He was held to answer to the charges.

Rieger posted bond shortly after the arrest.

Court documents show jury selection began on Monday and took two days. According to the San Luis Obispo County court calendar, Rieger was in court Wednesday afternoon for a jury trial.

The District Attorney’s Office confirmed the case involved a Canadian pastor accused of soliciting sex from underage females over the internet.

According to CBC, Rieger was a pastor at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church but resigned from the position.

According to a post on the church’s website, Rieger joined the pastoral team in 1999.

Rieger is no longer listed as a member of the church’s team on its website, however, his name is mentioned in a number of posts on the church website from past years.