5 Cities Swim School partners with nonprofit to provide scholarships

Posted at 6:04 PM, Dec 12, 2018
The 5 Cities Swim School is partnering with the Hope Floats Foundation to provide more swim lessons to children (Photo via 5 Cities Swim School Facebook)

The 5 Cities Swim School has announced a partnership with a national nonprofit organization to help provide scholarships for swim lessons to low-income families.

The swim school has become a partner with the Hope Floats Foundation, which raises awareness of child drowning. The organization quotes a 2009 study from the National Institute of Health that discovered that participation in formal swim lessons reduces the risk of childhood drowning by 88%.

Hope Floats began in 2017 and has 26 partnerships in 13 states. Those interested in receiving a scholarship to a swim school including the 5 Cities Swim School can apply on the Hope Floats website.

Find more information on the 5 Cities Swim School website.