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Cambria ranked as one of the most relaxing cities for a vacation

Posted at 3:09 PM, Dec 21, 2018

Cambria is one of the most relaxing cities for a vacation, according to a new report issued by Remedy Review.

The report says Cambria is a prime destination because it’s easy to get around without a car, the beaches and trails provide opportunities for outdoor relaxation, and the town has a wide array of low-key activities, including antique shopping, art galleries, and a day spa.

Remedy Review says it wanted to create a list of low-key vacation spots that offer a more slow-paced and low-stress environment.

Cambria was ranked 10th on the list.

Michele Sherman’s photo of Moonstone Beach in Cambria on December 7.


Charlotte, North Carolina was ranked number one. The report highlighted the city’s well-known park, Freedom Park, as well as spa and wellness centers.

Charleston, South Carolina, Durham, North Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Hot Springs, Arkansas rounded out the top five.

Cambria was the only California city to make the list.

Remedy Review’s website says it is focused on educating people about well-being.