Citizen, police in thwart gunman’s plan to open fire on Texas church

Posted at 9:47 PM, Dec 30, 2018

Police thwarted a gunman’s plan to open fire on a Texas church on Sunday.

Someone tipped off police in Seguin, outside San Antonio, to an armed man near an intersection early Sunday morning.

According to an officer, the man said he was on his way to a church to “fulfill what he called a prophecy.”

Police say the man, identified as Tony Albert, never named a church.

“He had a loaded firearm and extra ammunition, he was wearing tactical clothing with a surgical face mask,” said Tanya Brown of the Sequin Police Department.

A nearby pastor first felt fear, then empathy.

“Whatever that guy was going through, you know, I feel bad for him,” said Jason Garcia of The Door Church. “I hope he gets the help that he needs.”

Police arrested Albert, booking him on charges of possession of marijuana and being a felon in possession of a firearm.