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Local boy thanks dentist for free procedure

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jan 03, 2019

A boy and his family are thanking a local dentist for treating the child without pay.

A boy named Jason was suffering from severe pain, and his family began looking for treatment.

Dr. Vik Tiku from SLO Pediatric Dental stepped in and took care of the issue without asking for any payment.

Dentist free procedure
Photo Courtesy: San Luis Obispo County


The family says the boy’s pain was gone within 24 hours of treatment.

“He’s the best doctor because I don’t have pain anymore,” said Jason.

Jason and his family gave Dr. Tiku a balloon and a card to express their gratitude for his help. The balloon said “you’re #1.”

SLO Womenade helped cover part of Dr. Tiku’s expenses, and SAFE Family Resource Centers brought the dental issue to the county and dentist’s attention.

The San Luis Obispo County Health Agency says it has a network of dentists like Dr. Tiku who are able to provide emergency care to children in need. If you know a child with dental needs, you can contact the county’s oral health program at (805) 781-5564 or by clicking here.

County leaders say children will be connected with the appropriate care, depending on their needs. The program has grown recently because of two grants.