White House: Disaster funds may pay for wall

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jan 11, 2019

Federal workers across the country won’t be getting paychecks Friday as a result of the ongoing government shutdown.

With Congress and President Donald Trump deadlocked over a border wall, he’s hinting at declaring a national emergency, bypassing Congress and using military funds to pay for a wall.

“A wall works. Nothing like a wall,” Pres. Trump said Thursday during a visit to the Texas border.

Some Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham, are voicing support for the emergency declaration.

“Now is the time to exercise that option,” Graham said.

The White House is also considering a plan to divert emergency funds set aside for hurricane cleanup in Puerto Rico, flood prevention in California and other disaster relief.

White House lawyers are currently working on the legal justification now to shift that money to the border.