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CoastHills Credit Union offers financial assistance for federal employees during shutdown

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 12, 2019

CoastHills Credit Union is offering financial assistance programs for any of its members who have been affected by the government shutdown, which is now the longest shutdown in United States history.

CoastHills, formerly known as Vandenberg Federal Credit Union, is giving its members the opportunity to skip any existing, non-mortgage consumer loan payment for up to two months. The credit union said members can also apply for an interest-free line of credit that is a portion of their monthly income.

They are also giving members the option of refinancing an existing, non-mortgage held at another financial entity with a grace period before the first loan payment is due on the refinanced loan with CoastHills.

For more information on the available programs, you can visit one of their 11 branches or call 800-262-4488.