Chance encounter lead to Closs abduction

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jan 15, 2019

Court documents reveal Jake Thomas Patterson, the man accused of murdering James and Denise Closs before kidnapping their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme, chose his victims after a chance encounter.

Patterson was charged Monday on two counts of homicide, kidnapping and burglary.

He allegedly targeted Closs after spotting her at a school bus stop.

Patterson told detectives he took extreme caution while preparing for the kidnapping, casing the Closs home repeatedly and even shaving his head and face in an effort to avoid leaving any DNA at the scene.

Jayme Closs, held captive for nearly three months before escaping the home where Patterson was holding her, told authorities he broke into her home and shot and killed her parents. He then bound her hands and ankles, dragged her to the trunk of his car and drove away.

According to the criminal complaint, Patterson told arresting officers, “I did it.”