Local woman shares story behind ‘Brave Love’ book on Today show

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 22:26:11-05

A Central Coast woman was on The Today Show on Monday morning to promote her new book, “Brave Love.”

Lisa Leonard wrote the book, which tells her story of finding self-love while raising a family and running a business.

Leonard runs Lisa Leonard Designs, a San Luis Obispo-based jewelry company.

Leonard has two sons, and one has a severe disability. She says the years of raising her family and running her business took a toll, leading her to leave her family for a short time.

Her book details the story of how she found her way back and how she now maintains a healthy balance.

“I really believe that marriage is two whole people showing up and being honest,” Leonard told The Today Show. “Showing up and being honest, being real. I think we fight more but in a constructive way.”

Leonard’s book is available for pre-order by clicking here.