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Atascadero boys research fire-safe building materials for science fair project

Posted at 9:43 PM, Mar 04, 2019

Two Atascadero brothers are making strides to help prevent fires with a science project focused on fire-resistant building materials.

Luke and Dane Keefe, who are 8 and 6 years old, completed a science project titled “Which Construction Materials Are Most Fire Resistant” for a local science fair.

The brothers looked at a variety of building components such as floors, tar roof shingles, and concrete and noted which materials more easily caught fire and which ones could withstand flames.

“If you’re building a house, then you should have self-closing vents. Whenever fire or hot stuff gets near them, they close with this,” said Keefe.

The Keefes say they received plenty of support for their project from the community, including the Atascadero Fire Department and Semmes & Co. Builders. Employees at a local Home Depot also donated materials for the project.