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Department of Fish and Wildlife to open public comment period on monarch butterfly conservation

Posted at 1:09 PM, Apr 14, 2019

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is opening a 60-day public comment period about an “enhancement of survival” permit application that would help conserve monarch butterflies on energy and transportation lands.

The proposed agreement would involve partners across 48 states and would address the conservation needs of the butterflies.

“This agreement is an unprecedented conservation opportunity,” Acting Service Midwest Regional Director Charlie Wooley said. “More than 30 energy and transmission companies and state departments of transportation are voluntarily committing time and funding to implement monarch-friendly management practices on millions of acres of land. The scale of this proposal makes it the largest of its kind.”

A candidate conservation agreement with assurances (CCAA) is a formal, voluntary agreement between the Fish and Wildlife Service and non-federal landowners to take care or converse the habitats where at-risk species, like monarch butterflies, live. The  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gives these non-federal landowners an “enhancement of survival” permit that makes sure they do no harm, harass or kill any listed species unless told otherwise.

“This conservation agreement could potentially provide millions of acres of prime habitat for the monarch butterfly,” said Wooley. “It’s one part of an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to conserving this iconic species. If we can find ways to conserve these areas for monarchs, while providing predictability for the industry, we all win.”

The notice of availability will be published on April 15 and will open a 60-day public comment period regarding the “enhancement of survival” permit application.

To review the permit click here.

There is a monarch butterfly grove in Pismo Beach.