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California lawmakers move to ban single-use shampoo bottles from hotels

Posted at 7:00 PM, Apr 15, 2019

California lawmakers are moving closer to banning single-use toiletry bottles that are found in hotel rooms.

Those complimentary mini shampoo, soap and lotion bottles have become a staple in many hotel bathrooms, but lawmakers say they are taking up too much plastic.

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Hotels like Granada in downtown San Luis Obispo already skip single-use toiletries. Managers say they save a lot of plastic doing so.

“We’re using a refillable system with a local company. They do small batch shampoo and conditioner. This is using all natural ingredients,” said Jack Wellford, hotel manager at the Granada Hotel & Bistro.

Not only is the practice eco-friendly, but it also saves the hotel some money.

California lawmakers want all hotels, motels, or resorts to ditch single-use toiletries. They proposed Assembly Bill 1162, which would allow local authorities to inspect and enforce requirements with a written warning upon first violation and up to a $2,000 fine for those who fail to comply.

Local residents say it’s an idea they could get used to.

“It’s going to be something where I might have it affect me once or twice, but after that, it’s going to be a new way of thinking,” said Adrian Ramirez, a Paso Robles resident.

“To me, it’s heartbreaking to see how much plastic we dispose of and throw into the earth and ocean so anything we can do to mitigate that, I’m 100 percent supportive of,” said Linda Sanpei.

Some are still unsure about a one-for-all toiletry system.

“Everything that’s sitting there and accessible to other people gives me the creeps,” Ramirez added.

If the bill passes, it wouldn’t go into effect until January 2023.