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New Supportive Services for Veterans Families location opens in SLO

Posted at 2:36 PM, Apr 16, 2019

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, or CAPSLO, hosted an open house Tuesday at its new Supportive Services for Veterans Families location in San Luis Obispo.

This is the second location, and it’s designed to provide an array of services to veterans, including housing assistance, employment counseling, and legal assistance.

“We were co-located with another service provider and then we moved to Los Osos. We’ve consequently moved our office to San Luis Obispo because that’s where the majority of our participants are staying, and it’s close to the local resources we are connecting them to,” said Brandy Graham, SSVF Program Manager.

One service the facility provides is finding stable housing for low-income veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless. The facility will also help find permanent housing for veterans who are currently homeless.

The services are available for eligible veterans and other members of their household, based on an assessment of their needs.

“Those veterans come in and once they’re in the program, we do a needs assessment to see what their vulnerabilities are and what resources they need to be connected to. So while we are looking for housing for them, then we also get them connected to those resources that they need to stabilize their households so they can maintain that housing once our assistance is done and really achieve self-sufficiency,” said Graham.

The organization expects to service about 140 veteran households per year in the community thanks to support from resources in the area.

“I think having a space where we have multiple offices to use as interview rooms so we can serve more people at the same time is going to be really beneficial to our program,” said Graham. “It also gives us a space to meet with collaborative partners as well because we want to work together to utilize all the resources within the county.”

The facility is located at 265 South Street, Suite H, in San Luis Obispo.

Program Components include case management, legal assistance, employment counseling and additional services such as:

  • Housing Barriers Assessment
  • Emergency Housing Stability Assistance
  • Temporary Financial Assistance
  • Housing Counseling
  • Rental Agreement Education
  • VA Benefits Assistance and Counseling
  • Landlord-Tenant Mediation
  • Future Housing Stability Planning