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San Simeon kayak business closes its doors

Posted at 7:28 PM, Apr 17, 2019

Sea For Yourself Kayak Adventures in San Simeon is closing up shop.

The owner, Carl Cubby Cashen, posted the news on Facebook and thanked customers for their years of business.

According to the post, Monday was the last day the shop was open.

Cashen says he worked at the business since 2004 and owned it since 2011.

He says he chose to close the business because he was told he couldn’t do everything he felt needed to be done to protect wildlife.

He plans to sell all of the gear now that the shop is closed, and he says he’ll be working as a bus driver for Big Sur Unified School District.

State Parks says Cashen gave a 30-day notice.

Parks officials are evaluating the spot and the contract to see what will happen to the location in the future.