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Shooting investigation underway in Lompoc

Posted at 8:36 AM, Apr 27, 2019

The Lompoc Police Department is investigating its third suspected gang related shooting in the last three weeks.

The police were called to Lompoc Valley Medical Center after a man arrived at the ER seeking treatment for gunshot wound shortly after 8 p.m.

The victim is a known gang member according to a news release about the incident. He had a gunshot “through and through” wound in the upper torso but is expected to recover.

Although the department says they received very little information from the victim, they determined the shooting occurred in the 300 block of West Maple Avenue Friday night. Several shell casings were found at the scene along with bullet impact marks at the victim’s home and property.

The name of the victim is not being released. Police say they have no suspects. Anyone with information on this shooting or the previous shootings from earlier this month is asked to call the Lompoc Police Department.