Business world prepares for new crop of recruits

Posted at 12:48 PM, May 06, 2019

As the spring college semester draws to a close, the business world is preparing for a new crop of recruits.

“There is so much competition for labor out there that hiring managers have had to relax some of the requirements and rethink the ways they are hiring,” said Dawn Fay of Robert Half Management Consulting Firm.

Experts say that means job applicants should customize their resumes for each prospective employer.

“Your resume needs to be targeted. Your cover letter needs to be targeted. Your LinkedIn needs to be targeted. Your messaging in the interview needs to be targeted,” said career coach Andy Thomas.

Experts say you should bring humility to the table, too, as well as energy, experiences and enthusiasm. They also advise you clean up your social media profile.

For future graduates, the advice is – the more internships, the better chance at landing a job.