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Small brush fire in Santa Ynez caused by person using propane torch

Posted at 4:53 PM, May 21, 2019

Fire Investigators say a small brush fire in Santa Ynez over the weekend was caused by someone using a propane torch.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department announced Tuesday that the so-called Edison Fire was caused by someone eradicating weeds with a propane torch.

The fire burned about two to three acres of grass on Saturday in the 1500 block of Edison Road.

At one point, three structures were threatened, but no homes were damaged.

Investigators say the person using the propane torch was told about the dangers of using torches to eradicate weeds. That person was also issued a citation for allowing a fire to escape his control and for burning flammable material on a designated “No Burn Day.”

The department does not recommend using torches or open flames for weed control and says this practice is illegal in many parts of Santa Barbara County.