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Paso Robles student to showcase CPR skills in national competition

Posted at 3:35 PM, May 27, 2019

A Paso Robles sixth grader is headed to the national stage next month to show off some impressive skills that could save lives.

Skylar Collins is showcasing her CPR skills through a national competition program called SkillsUSA.

The competition focuses on career technical skills.

Collins learned CPR while participating in babysitting camps, and she says she was also motivated because she’s an older sister.

“What if an emergency happens? Because I have two little siblings and anything can happen in the house,” said Collins. “I know CPR for infants, toddlers, children, and adults.”

Collins, who attends Flamson Middle School, is certified to potentially save your life.

“For an infant, you have to do two fingers. For a child, one hand. And for an adult, you have to use both hands,” said Collins.

Flamson Middle School Principal, Gene Miller, says the SkillsUSA program helps develop a skilled workforce.

“SkillsUSA really allows students to be involved with the technical education part. At the high school level, there’s welding, there’s childcare, police science, fire science, so there are all sorts of things kids can do that really are working toward those technical careers,” said Miller.

Skylar’s demonstration of CPR won her a gold medal at the state competition.

Now, she is preparing for the nationals in June.

She is the only middle school student from San Luis Obispo County to ever advance to this level.

Principal Miller says Skylar’s success has sparked other students’ interest. Now, they’re launching a Skills USA chapter on campus.

“It’s really part of Paso Robles’ idea that we get kids ready for not just college, but for a career,” said Miller.

Skylar will travel to Louisville, Kentucky next month to compete with 6,000 students from across the country.

A gofundme page was launched to cover the costs of the trip.

If you’re interested in donating, click here.