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Adult Drug Court Graduation celebrates participants’ positive changes

Posted at 8:32 PM, May 29, 2019

The Behavioral Health Department celebrated its Adult Drug Court graduation Wednesday evening in San Luis Obispo.

Participants who enter into Adult Drug Court are looking to get treatment for substance use disorder.

The program includes treatment and individual therapy lessons.

Clients are usually attending the court for four or five days a week, and it takes nearly a year and a half to finish.

“Their success is incredible because it’s not just not using. It’s changing who you associate with, who your friends are, where you live. They have to change their entire lives basically and not everyone can do that,” said Lauren Phelps, Lead Clinician for the Adult Drug Court program.

Graduates reflected on their past decisions said the program really helped change their lives.

“I feel great. I wake up every morning, and I’m comfortable with who I am. I am more confident going through the day,” said Dustin Biaggina, an Adult Court Graduate.

Biaggina says he already has a full time job lined up and looks forward to being back with his family.