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Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach reopens after renovation

Posted at 3:18 PM, May 30, 2019

Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach reopened Thursday morning and is welcoming kids of all ages.

The park was under renovation for about a year because some playground equipment needed to be upgraded.

Thursday morning, several city leaders including the Pismo Beach mayor celebrated the reopening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new and improved playground is designed to fit the needs of kids of all ages and is designed to encourage kids to be active.

Spyglass part in Pismo Beach reopens.

“It is important for a healthy city to have this kind of playground equipment where children, parents can get out and really have a good time and burn off some energy,” said Ed Waage, Pismo Beach mayor.

The Pismo Beach Parks, Recreation and Beautification Commission recommended changes be made to the equipment to increase the playability.

Spyglass park reopened Thursday, May 30 after renovation.

Waage said the city tries to improve the equipment of their playgrounds very often.

The Project Manager of Design for the Spyglass Park Playground Nate Stutz said they worked for hand in hand with the city to make sure this park fit the needs of everyone.

When talking to them Stutz said one thing that stood out was that kids of all ages came to play at the park.

“You know with this park it seemed like there were older kids, as well as younger kids, so you want to have something for the older brother and something for the younger sister, you try to fit that all into something cohesive,” Stutz said.

Spyglass park reopened Thursday with brand new equipment fit for all ages.

A way they made the park accessible to everyone is adding different levels.

“It’s really for all ages, so you know the play is graduated, so it starts off lower and more accessible for younger children and then as you work your way through the structure you get to more challenging elements like the net, the big net tower and up to the big slide,” Stutz said.

He said the playground should last for years.

Spyglass park reopened after a year-long renovation.

Central Coast Playgrounds and RecWest/Landscape Structures Inc. worked together on the park renovation.