Basketball player snaps likely last photo of Kobe

Posted at 11:59 AM, Jan 30, 2020

The last photograph of NBA legend Kobe Bryant may have been taken by a 13-year-old boy.

The young basketball player trained at the sports academy founded by Bryant and they briefly crossed paths the day before he tragically died.

There's a growing makeshift memorial to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in front of the training facility they and seven others were on their way to Sunday when they were killed in a helicopter crash.

The Laker legend inspired young talent while coaching his daughter Gianna's team, like thirteen-year-old Brady Smigiel who got to meet Kobe Saturday during the Mamba Cup Tournament.

"Such like a big influence to so many people just like, gone,” said athlete Brady Smigiel.

Brady says in between games, he got a "what's up" and a fist bump from Kobe.

Later, he snapped a selfie as the Laker star was passing by.

Brady hoped Kobe would have time for a picture after the games so he waited in line.

"I was up and I saw his car pull up right over here and I was like 'Kobe could I get a quick picture with a couple of my friends?' and he was like I’ll get you tomorrow, you play here?' and I was like 'yeah, yeah yeah.' He just walked out, I got that blurry picture and then he walked out and he got in the car,” Brady said.

Brady was disappointed, but he knew he would try again Sunday.

Now he knows there won't be a next time.

So, those pictures are precious to him.

"I’m keeping those forever as long as i can. I'm showing them to all my friends and all my family so if anything happened to my phone, or my family's phone, i had it somewhere. It's just so special to me,” said Brady.

Reporter: Rachel Kim