Brazilian surfer Italo Ferreira stuns, earns Games' highest scoring wave

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 26, 2021

Brazil's Italo Ferreira carved his way to the highest-scoring wave of the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday.

And Ferreira, the 2019 World Surf League champion, wasted no time in announcing himself as a serious threat to take gold in the event's Olympic debut. The 27-year-old's wave-of-the-day show came within the first minute of his quarterfinal heat. It was nearly perfect, and scored at a near-perfect 9.73 out of 10.

It broke the event record set just moments before, when his countryman, Gabriel Medina, scored a 9.00 wave.

They were the top-scoring men in the quarters.

Italo Ferreira scores near-perfect wave
Italo Ferreira scores near-perfect wave