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20th Chumash Tomol Canoe Crossing

Chumash Tomol Canoe Crossing
Posted at 7:01 AM, Sep 10, 2022

Members of the Chumash Indian community will paddle across the Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Cruz Island on Saturday, Sept. 10, in a traditional Chumash tomol plank canoe called Muptami.

This is the 20th time in modern history that community members will make the 24-mile journey.

A rotating crew of Chumash people from San Luis Obispo to Malibu and beyond will paddle for about eight hours.

This crossing and arrival represents a pilgrimage for the Chumash people and provides the opportunity to share Chumash culture and history.

The Chumash crew will launch from the Channel Islands Harbor before dawn on Saturday morning and will reach Santa Cruz Island by midday.

After completing the 24-mile journey, the crew will be welcomed by families and celebrate on the shore with a ceremony.

Park visitors are reminded to be respectful of the gathering, to observe the landing from a respectful distance, and to not photograph or video events other than the tomol arrival.