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Meet Methuselah, the oldest living aquarium fish

California Oldest Fish
Posted at 12:48 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 15:48:42-05

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An elderly fish that likes to eat fresh figs and get belly rubs is believed to be the world's oldest living aquarium fish.

Methuselah is a 4-foot-long, 40-pound Australian lungfish that was brought to the California Academy of Sciences in 1938 from Australia. Biologists at the San Francisco museum believe Methuselah is about 90 years old.

The Australian lungfish is a primitive species with lungs and gills that is believed to be the evolutionary link between fish and amphibians. The academy's senior biologist, Allan Jan, is the fish's keeper. Jan says Methuselah has a calm, mellow personality and a taste for fresh figs that it will only eat in season.