$1,000 fine and/or imprisonment possible for businesses who violate Santa Barbara County "stay at home" order

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Posted at 3:45 PM, Apr 05, 2020
$1,000 fine and/or imprisonment possible for businesses who violate Santa Barbara County "stay at home" order

Santa Barbara County officials are now enforcing a revised "stay at home" executive order for local businesses.

New mandated guidelines issued by the Santa Barbara County Health Officer Henning Ansorg, M.D. go into effect 5:00 p.m., Sunday April 5, 2020 until 5:00 p.m., on May 4, 2020, unless extended.

County officials said the previously guidelines were strongly recommended, but this upgraded Order is intended to reduce the likelihood of exposure to COVID-19, thereby slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Included in the new set of rules, restaurants must provide containers for all food items and facial coverings must be worn by any employee handling food.

Violation or failure to comply could result in fines up to $1000, imprisonment, or both, according to the county. Violators are also subject to civil enforcement actions including fines or civil penalties per violation per day, injunctive relief, and attorneys' fees and costs.

The order mandates the following:

1. Food facilities must offer food to go only, and comply with hygiene and social distancing standards or be subject to permit suspension and mandatory closure.

a. Food Facilities; Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and coffee shops may only remain open to offer food for pick-up, delivery, or drive-thru.

b. All food must be in containers.

c. Food must be consumed off-site. No provision for on-site dining allowed.

d. All food workers must wear facial covers (covering nose and mouth) supplied by the employer and maintained in a clean, sanitary manner.

e. Six-foot spacing must be maintained between customers.

f. Workers may not work while ill.

g. Food facility employees or volunteers who have had symptoms of COVID-19 shall return to work only when they have been free of symptoms for at least 72 hours without medication AND at least seven (7) days have elapsed since the onset of symptoms.

h. The Health Officer recommends that food facility operators actively screen all workers, volunteers, and outside vendors for COVID-19 symptoms upon each individual's arrival at the food facility. Individuals who exhibit symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as defined by the Santa Barbara County Health Officer shall be immediately excluded from the facility.

The following businesses are ordered to close without exception;

a. Bars and nightclubs that do not serve food;

b. Movie theaters, live performance venues, bowling alleys, and arcades;

c. Gyms, and fitness centers, and aquatic centers;

d. Wineries, breweries, and tap rooms that provide tastings;

e. Trophy shops or trophy businesses;

f. Tattoo parlors, tattoo businesses, tattoo artists, and body art facilities;

g. Barbers, hair salons, and hairstylists;

h. Campgrounds and RV parks, public and private. Only those who certify that the RV is their primary residence may be permitted to stay in the RV park;

i. Nail salons, manicurists, and pedicurists to close except for medical necessity e.g. medical treatment for diabetes;

j. Day spas and massage parlors, except as required for prescribed medical treatment

Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, saunas and steam rooms must also close unless it adds to medically prescribed therapy.

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