Curbside business keeping Lompoc coffee shop afloat during pandemic

Southside Coffe Co.JPG
Posted at 4:28 PM, Mar 25, 2020

A Lompoc coffee shop is changing the way it operates amid the COVID-19 pandemic while also helping those in need.

South Side Coffee Co. at 105 S. H Street is now offering curbside to-go service.

Despite cutting back on staff, going from eight to two people, the coffee shop on the south end of town is still lending a helping hand to the community by delivering their leftover food to those in need.

"It's kind of like at war mentality, meaning, you know, what can we do to support each other really, strangely brought us so much closer together," owner Stacy Lowthorp said.

She adds that the curbside service has been keeping the business open.

Along with coffee, the business also serves other items such as soup, sandwiches, wraps and paninis and will delivery any order over $25.