Marian Regional Medical Center asks people to call primary doctor first for COVID-19 testing

Posted at 4:18 PM, Mar 21, 2020

Health officials at Marian Regional Medical Center said an influx of people are asking to be tested for COVID-19.

In a since deleted Facebook post, Marian Regional Medical Center officials said they have no immediate COVID-19 testing available for the public and are asking people to call their primary doctor instead of coming to the hospital.

The hospital does have testing capabilities, but are unable to test the general public who come into the emergency room.

In a press release, hospital officials said "Testing resources are in limited supply across California and Marian Regional Medical Center may limit testing to hospitalized patients or other high-risk patients suspected of COVID-19, including patients presenting in the Emergency Department. Marian has full diagnostic capabilities for hospitalized patients, including those who may need intensive care services. Marian staff is working closely with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and commercial laboratory suppliers to expand test availability in the coming weeks. "

Marian Regional Medical Center is asking people to come to the hospital only if they are in distress or having a health emergency.

If you are sick or believe to have the symptoms of COVID-19, you are asked to call your primary or urgent care doctor.