Off-site COVID-19 testing now available to some CMC employees

Posted at 3:47 PM, May 04, 2020

Off-site COVID-19 testing is now taking place for some California Men's Colony employees in San Luis Obispo.

The County Public Health Department says the decision was made to set up the site off Highway 1 near the county animal services department in an effort to make testing available to all CMC staff who are part of an outbreak investigation there.

County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein says to date, all cases among inmates have occurred in the same block. All staff within that block along with medical staff who may have had contact with those inmates are being offered testing.

Borenstein estimates there to be about 200 employees in that part of the facility. She adds that more testing will be made available if the need arises or cases spread to other parts of the facility.

There are at least 11 confirmed cases among inmates at the facility where Borenstein says there continues to be a "small uptick in cases."