San Luis Obispo gym cited for COVID-19 violation

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Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 11, 2020

Another business in the City of San Luis Obispo is facing a citation for a COVID-19 violation.

Club 24 on Foothill Boulevard was cited on Monday.

"They were allowing customers inside for workouts and currently those activities are only allowed to occur outside," said Michael Codron, City of San Luis Obispo Community Development Director.

Codron says the City of San Luis Obispo monitors businesses seven days a week to ensure compliance with the governor's orders.

He says the enforcement team made two visits to CLUB 24 to confirm complaints of the violation.

The fitness center was subsequently fined $1,000.

CLUB 24's manager said in a statement, "Our number one goal has always been to provide a safe environment for our members. We will work with the City and it's resources to provide a space to where our members can exercise to stay healthy. We are currently working with the City and the office of Code Enforcement regarding the violation. We are taking advantage of the City's flexibility in allowing parking modifications. Additionally, we are working with our landlord to expand our outdoor facility. We want to make sure we are keeping our members healthy, both physically and mentally, during this time."

The City of San Luis Obispo also handed out violations to the Buffalo Bar and McLintock's at the end of June.

"These businesses were not enforcing social distancing requirements," Codron said.

A newly released report also reveals some people were not wearing face coverings inside the businesses.

But businesses are not the only ones that can be on the hook for a fine.

"The city does have the ability to issue administrative citations to individuals who are patronizing a business that is not following a public health order," Codron said.

From the end of March to this past Monday, 2,453 complaints have been made to the San Luis Obispo County COVID-19 enforcement line.

Complaints range from short-term lodging concerns to face mask violations.

The City of Morro Bay has since launched the "Mask Hero" campaign.

"It's more of a positive approach in trying to get compliance versus heavy-handed enforcement," said Scott Collins, Morro Bay City Manager.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the City of Morro Bay issued 12 citations to drivers that went around parking barricades at the Rock parking lot which were meant to deter visitors. Each citation costs $250.

While that closure has since been lifted, the educational approach continues.

"We've issued probably up to 40 verbal or written warnings to businesses and individuals who weren't complying with COVID-19 regulations. Either they were open when they shouldn't have been open or they didn't have the proper protocols in place," Collins added.

The City of San Luis Obispo says more citations could be issued if the business does not comply.

According to a County of San Luis Obispo report, a $100 citation was issued in the City of Grover Beach for lack of face coverings. No other citations have been issued in local cities.