Santa Barbara Airport to require face mask use in terminal

Posted at 4:01 PM, May 14, 2020

Face masks will soon be required for people passing through the Santa Barbara Airport terminal.

Airport officials say the requirement will go into effect Friday for passengers, airline employees and people picking up or dropping off travelers.

The airport will provide disposable face masks for those who do not bring their own.

Officials say the number of travelers at the airport is slowly starting to increase after weeks of "nearly empty skies nationwide."

Along with face masks, signs and decals will be in the terminal reminding people to not get too close to one another. New boarding procedures to allow for increased distance will also be in place.

Additionally, officials say 12 oz. containers are now being allowed by the TSA on flights so that people can bring hand sanitizer and use it while on board. Hand sanitizer will also be available at locations throughout the terminal.

The airport says there have been significant changes made at the airport in an effort to keep COVID-19 from spreading among passengers, including:

  • Nightly mist disinfectant cleaning in the terminal
  • Increased disinfecting of high-touch surfaces such as escalator handrails and elevator buttons
  • "Counter Guards" to shield interactions at ticketing and gate counters (anticipated in early June)
  • Increased queuing area where available, stanchions to space travelers
  • Increased seat spacing and/or seating removal in hold rooms
  • Increased table seating space in restaurant, more grab n' go food (anticipated early June)
  • The airport's restaurant remains closed.
  • The airport asks anyone who is showing any signs or symptoms of an illness to reschedule their flight.

Booking fees are currently being waived for those needing to delay their flight.