Santa Maria Town Center Mall lifts most mask, social distancing requirements

Santa Maria Town Center Mall.PNG
Posted at 2:38 PM, Jun 15, 2021

The Santa Maria Town Center Mall is another location lifting COVID-19 restrictions Tuesday.

Mask wearing and social distancing at the mall are no longer required for people who are fully vaccinated.

Tables and chairs have also been placed throughout the mall.

"It feels like such a relief. This has been a very wild ride, about a year and a half, right, of ups and downs and the whole gamut, so we're just thrilled that we all got through," said Kristen LaGrange, marketing manager for the mall.

Jesse White, owner of Get Socked Up, says, "I do feel that it is time that we do get to take the masks off, especially those of us that are vaccinated, so I know myself and other vaccinated employees are very happy we can finally take our masks off, breathe a little better and things are returning to normal, which is a great sign, so we're really excited we're taking this next step,”

The mall was almost fully closed at times during the pandemic, with only a few stores with outside access able to remain open.