SLO businesses respond to CDC's reduced quarantine guidance

Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 01:19:41-05

New data on COVID-19 has refined CDC guidance on how long someone should quarantine for after exposure.

Previously, the CDC recommended 14 days for quarantine to best reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. New research, however, is finding alternative quarantined times that are shorter.

According to the CDC, quarantine can now end after 10 days without a COVID-19 test if a person has no symptoms or after seven days with a negative COVID-19 test and no symptoms.

Some local businesses on the Central Coast are in support of the shortened length.

Firestone Grill Assistant Manager Nico Reynders says at least two employees have had to quarantine during the pandemic. Now, eight months in and heading into the slow season, businesses are struggling with no indoor dining.

“Not just ours but all the local businesses. We’re all suffering from this together," Reynders said.

Coastal Peaks Coffee in San Luis Obispo has not had any of their employees quarantine, many even sacrificing holiday trips to keep family and co-workers safe.

“I couldn’t imagine somebody coming down with this virus and then having to be absent for 14 days and then their entire staff having to be tested, it would just stop everything," Coastal Peaks Coffee Cafe Manager Rachelle Stepro said.

The 14-day quarantine period is too long for some owners to be without employees, but even those with limited staff are concerned about a reduced quarantine time.

“I only have a staff of three, we’re very small business, but if I get sick, that’s bad," Mon Ami Crepe Bar Owner Natalie Gann said.

A seven day quarantine is too soon, Gann says. Safety for herself and coworkers is her number one concern and she would rather err on the side of caution and opt for a longer quarantine time period.

The CDC says people should continue to follow the specific guidance from their local public health authorities about how long to quarantine for.