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Close city council race in Atascadero, new mayor elected

Posted at 9:12 AM, Nov 07, 2018

Voters in Atascadero were tasked with choosing some new city leaders in this general election.

Three people were running for two open seats on the city council — Susan Funk, Mark Dariz, and Heather Newsom. The latest results show a close race between the three candidates. Newsom has 4,528 votes, Funk has 4,413 votes, and Dariz has 3,896 votes.

Current city council member Heather Moreno was the only person running for mayor. She will replace current mayor Tom O’Malley at the conclusion of his term.

City Treasurer Gere Sibbach will continue in his role for another term, as he was also the only person running in that race.

Voters also had two ballot measures to consider.

Measure E, a cannabis business tax, appears poised for passage with “yes” votes totaling nearly 73 percent.

Measure J, which would change the mayor’s term from two years to four years, is failing with “no” votes at 65 percent.

Vote-by-mail ballots are still coming in and being counted.