Disney's Bedtime Hotline is here to convince your stubborn kid to go to sleep

Posted at 2:24 PM, Sep 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-17 17:25:11-04

By Scottie Andrew, CNN

(CNN) -- Can't get your kid to go to sleep? Is said kid obsessed with superheroes, princesses, Mickey Mouse or an ancient green alien? Would the kid finally sleep if the chosen object of obsession sweetly asked them to?

TheDisney Bedtime Hotline is the solution you've been waiting for; nothing lulls a child into slumber quite like the soothing speech of Jedi master Yoda.

Parents can dial 1-877-7-MICKEY for a "special bedtime message" for their restless child, who can choose to hear messages from Mickey, Woody, Anna and Elsa ("Frozen"), Princess Jasmine, Spider-Man and yes, Yoda (no luck for fans of Darth Vader, although would he really help bring the zzz's?).

Callers are met with a voice that asks them if they want to opt in to receive texts from the Disney Store. Then, they're asked to pass the phone to their child, who chooses who they want their nighttime message to come from.

It goes like this: The characters detail their day, talk about how ready they are for bedtime, then playfully suggest the child on the phone get ready for bed, too.

Woody scopes out the scene--"Nightlight on? Check!"—before Bonnie, the child who plays with him, comes back to her room to go to sleep. Spidey, typically awkward and teenager-y, is wiped out after halting a bank robbery and rescuing a cat. Yoda's lullaby sends the young Padawan off to sleep with the empowering message that even Jedi must catch some shut-eye.

"Feel the force around you—like a blanket it is, hmhmhm!" he giggles. Know how to nail a bedtime quip, he does.

It's not a traditional hotline in that there aren't dedicated Disney "cast members" on the other line—they're bite-sized recordings that won't talk back. So if your child doesn't get his or her fill of the character in 15 seconds, it might require actual magic to put them to bed.