Rain expected in the region could raise the historically low reservoir levels

Lake Nacimiento levels rise with recent rainfall
Posted at 10:52 PM, Oct 21, 2021

Rain expected in the region Monday could raise the historically low reservoir levels, leaving some Central Coast residents feeling hopeful for an end to this dry season.

The Voights live just a few miles from Lake Nacimiento. Summers are usually filled with boating, swimming and fishing. This year they swam in their backyard pool and the lake levels kept most boats docked.

"Way different, yeah. A lot where water used to be dry islands and yeah just really different," said Ava Voight, a Lake Nacimiento Resident.

Ava Voight is hoping the upcoming rain will change that.

"You know kind of sad you know because it's like those fun times when we used to go out but we're hoping for some rain," said Voight.

Danny Voight says even though the lake is so close by he hasn't visited in months.

"Going out on the lake is a little bit less appealing it's just really low. Islands everywhere, you know submerged obstacles and things that weren't there before," said Danny Voight, a Lake Nacimiento Resident.

"Our boating has been cut way down, we used to go out all the time on Lake Nacimiento and now it's very depressing to go out there and see islands where there used to be water," said David Becker, a homeowner near Lake Nacimiento.

Residents say the upcoming storm will not get the reservoir to where it used to be but they are excited for the possibility in the forecast.

"We're just really excited to get any rain that we can with this drought her and with the lake being so low we're just excited," said Becker.

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