Dutch runner falls, wins, provides indelible Olympic moment

Dutch runner falls, wins, provides indelible Olympic moment
Posted at 7:55 PM, Aug 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-01 23:43:53-04

Every iteration of the Olympic Games provides myriad moments that inspire, delight, or simply drop jaws that eventually form the type of awed grin we're in no hurry to replace.

If you find that corny, go head and click away. But do so knowing you're depriving yourself of one such pure and magical moment from the Tokyo Olympics.

Dutchwoman Sifan Hassan arrived at these Games dreaming of an unprecedented "triple crown," but when she stumbled and hit the deck Monday in her 1500-meter heat, that dream appeared dead before it really started. But befitting an athlete currently reigning as world champion in the 1500 and 10,000 (as well as the bronze medalist in the 5000 at worlds), she got up.

She recovered. Brilliantly. Then tracked down everyone who'd passed while she was ground-bound ... and WON!

Still here? Thought so. Watch the clip.