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Guadalupe's Measure Z losing by just one vote

Posted at 6:01 PM, Nov 09, 2022

A measure to increase the transient occupancy tax (TOT) in the City of Guadalupe is losing by just one vote.

Measure Z would increase the TOT from 6% to 10%.

It would affect people staying at short-term rentals or other types of lodging within city limits.

"The interesting thing is that when a voter votes in the City of Guadalupe for something like this, it's really not like it's increasing their taxes as much as people outside the community, if they were to stay here, are actually paying for that tax, so in a sense, it's really not hurting the locals so I'm not sure if that was conveyed strongly enough," said Todd Bodem, Guadalupe City Administrator.

Ballots are still being counted. The Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder's Office has until December 8 to certify the election results.